Centre sorted, bring on the new season

Welcome Mr Kotsay, and a hearty welcome it is. Another great bit of buisness from the Braves higher powers and I now believe that our team is sorted for the new season.

Of course there’s the question of whether Mark can stay healthy through the 2008 season but after getting a clean bill of health from the Braves doc’s I’m quite confident of that. There’s also Shafer and Anderson fighting for the place and a bit of competition in spring training is never going to be a bad thing.

So with Glavine in the rotation, Infante backing up the infielders, Kotsay commanding centre and a hitting lineup that’ll scare any team I think 2008 is going to be a strong year for the Braves.

Not that i’m biased 🙂


Happy New Year

To all Baseball nuts out there, here’s hoping for another fantastic season like 07.

A heart felt welcome back to Mr Tom Glavine, here to boulster our rotation and send us back to the playoffs (we hope), joking aside he is a fantastic acquisition and i’m sure he still has what it takes to cut it with the big boys.

I know everyone at the moment is focusing on the Mitchell Report and I, like many other baseball fans, were shocked to see some of the names connected to performance enhancing drugs. I would like to state my view on the whole affair, innocent until proven guilty, people would sell their own grandma to make themselves infamous these days so i’m going to sit on the fence. It was nice to see that no current roster Braves were named, i think i would probably have a heart attack if the likes of Chipper or Smoltzy’s name came up.

On the ever discussed centre field issue I would like to see Anderson or Shafer given the job, as far as i’m aware both are pretty good on the base paths and I think that was something we were laking last year. Whether they can handle Major League pitching will remain to be seen but all the best to the both of them, young talent is what keeps the game going.

Also a welcome back to Javy Lopez and a welcome to Omar Infante, even with Javy missing a year you can’t deny his great power bat and coming off the bench with it will be more than handy. Omar has proven himself as a very versatile utilty man and he will provide much needed cover for any slumps/injuries in 2008.

Till next time, i’m away to play in the freezing scottish snow 🙂 roll on april!


New season, new blog dedication

I’m a terrible blogger, i wholeheartedly admit that. However, that shall all change. Going back to college has given me more free time so hopefully i shall be updating constantly.
First of all, congratulations to the Red Sox for another rather boring world series, two in 4 years well done. I have to say i do despise the Red Sox but I’ll give credit where credit is due, they are a fantastic baseball team.

On a more Braves note Renteria has now departed for the Tigers, so long Edgar and thanks for your great service and I wish you luck with the Tigers. I feel the Braves got a good deal out of this, i
watched jurrjens in a couple of games at the end of last season and he
was impressive. Yunel is fast becoming my fav player with his amazing offense, arm and range so i’m sure he’ll have no problem replaceing Edgar. Sure he’s got some way to go before he knocks Chipper off my top spot but i feel he’ll be very important to the Braves in the future.
So who next for the Braves? Well the one’s that look most likely(hopefully) is tom glavine back in the
rotation (pleeeeeeeease, any chance of convincing maddux to come pitch another season in atlanta? no? well worth asking) and an experienced centre fielder. The Braves have a couple of opinion in centre with some good talent looking to come up from the minors but i feel we need someone with more majors experience aswell.

On a more personal note the first scottish national league season came to an end a few weeks back, the Edinburgh Devil’s topped the league after only losing 1 game all year (we only play 15 a a season) and my humble Glasgow team only managed 1 win in our first season, could be worse! Next year we’ll be stronger and hopefully have a few more players.
So congratulations Edinburgh and i’m already looking forward to next season.

thats all for now.

pass me the broom

cause the Phillies have been swept!
A great opening series for the Braves, a combination of great pitching, disciplined hitting and some massive home runs all contributed to a great start on the road.
One thing that intrigued me about the
Braves time in Philidelphia is the ritual of throwing any home run/foul balls back into the field. Ok i can see their point if it’s the opposite team, but their own? A small child would surely treasure a major league baseball and I don’t think he would like getting booed by 1000’s of phillie’s fan for the privelidge.
I’ll post a full breakdown on the series heroes and villians later after some sleep, some food and some more ball!

2007 a new start

Not just for the Braves, but also for me a blogger. A severe neglect last summer of this blog has caused me to be ashamed, but it’s back and it’s going to live on!
Opening day has just passed us by and a day gap in the Braves schedule is a good opportunity for me to reflect on the first innings of the newly refreshed and high spirited Bravos.
So the first comments have to go to Mr Edgar Renteria, how can we thank you? A tying 8th inning home run followed by a game winning 2 run shot, it couldn’t get any better for the talented short stop. Brian McCann also continued his rise to stardom with a 2-run homer in the 4th to get the Braves off and running for the season.
On the pitching side of things the bullpen complete reshuffle in the off season is already showing divident. After the always reliable John Smoltz pitched 6 solid innings, Bobby Cox turned to his new relievers Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano to pitch 2 scoreless innings before excellent closers Bob Wickman and Chad Paronto protected the lead in the dying innings.
All in all a good start for the Braves, many have still tipped the Mets or even the Phillies to top the East but with a deep bullpen and an always powerful offense the Braves will be hard to beat this year.

I hope.

Scotland the Braves!

This is the blog of a 22 year old Atlanta Braves obsessive from Glasgow, Scotland. That’s right folks, the United Kingdom where baseball is hardly played and even less frequently watched by the uneducated public.
Major League Baseball in the UK is a cult. A rather large cult but a cult none the less. We have but one television program that saves us from pulling our hair out whilst our MLB.TV connection’s drop. That excellent television program is Baseball on 5, our late Sunday occasional Wednesday night saviour. Presented by the excellent Johnny Gould and his "fountain of baseball knowledge" sidekick Josh Chetwynd.
I have to admit, sometime i miss it. I don’t like missing it but being so obsessed with the braves that if i have a chance of watching them on MLB.TV then i have to lose the banter for the evening and deal with the flickering "commercial break in progress" blue screen.

Getting down to the Braves. I first got into MLB during the ’95 post-season when i was on holiday in Florida. It was late October so it rained, during one of those many warm rain showers we retreated to the hotel room and turned on the TV.Baseball. Sceptical at first me and my old man sat and watched a few innings. Chipper Jones hit a 2-run homer in the 7th inning and that was me, hooked on baseball, I’d never felt such excitement. Unfortunately the lack of coverage and school commitments meant that i didn’t get to see much baseball but university and many many late nights have resurrected my love affair and it will never die again.

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog.