New season, new blog dedication

I’m a terrible blogger, i wholeheartedly admit that. However, that shall all change. Going back to college has given me more free time so hopefully i shall be updating constantly.
First of all, congratulations to the Red Sox for another rather boring world series, two in 4 years well done. I have to say i do despise the Red Sox but I’ll give credit where credit is due, they are a fantastic baseball team.

On a more Braves note Renteria has now departed for the Tigers, so long Edgar and thanks for your great service and I wish you luck with the Tigers. I feel the Braves got a good deal out of this, i
watched jurrjens in a couple of games at the end of last season and he
was impressive. Yunel is fast becoming my fav player with his amazing offense, arm and range so i’m sure he’ll have no problem replaceing Edgar. Sure he’s got some way to go before he knocks Chipper off my top spot but i feel he’ll be very important to the Braves in the future.
So who next for the Braves? Well the one’s that look most likely(hopefully) is tom glavine back in the
rotation (pleeeeeeeease, any chance of convincing maddux to come pitch another season in atlanta? no? well worth asking) and an experienced centre fielder. The Braves have a couple of opinion in centre with some good talent looking to come up from the minors but i feel we need someone with more majors experience aswell.

On a more personal note the first scottish national league season came to an end a few weeks back, the Edinburgh Devil’s topped the league after only losing 1 game all year (we only play 15 a a season) and my humble Glasgow team only managed 1 win in our first season, could be worse! Next year we’ll be stronger and hopefully have a few more players.
So congratulations Edinburgh and i’m already looking forward to next season.

thats all for now.


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