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Scotland the Braves!

This is the blog of a 22 year old Atlanta Braves obsessive from Glasgow, Scotland. That’s right folks, the United Kingdom where baseball is hardly played and even less frequently watched by the uneducated public.
Major League Baseball in the UK is a cult. A rather large cult but a cult none the less. We have but one television program that saves us from pulling our hair out whilst our MLB.TV connection’s drop. That excellent television program is Baseball on 5, our late Sunday occasional Wednesday night saviour. Presented by the excellent Johnny Gould and his "fountain of baseball knowledge" sidekick Josh Chetwynd.
I have to admit, sometime i miss it. I don’t like missing it but being so obsessed with the braves that if i have a chance of watching them on MLB.TV then i have to lose the banter for the evening and deal with the flickering "commercial break in progress" blue screen.

Getting down to the Braves. I first got into MLB during the ’95 post-season when i was on holiday in Florida. It was late October so it rained, during one of those many warm rain showers we retreated to the hotel room and turned on the TV.Baseball. Sceptical at first me and my old man sat and watched a few innings. Chipper Jones hit a 2-run homer in the 7th inning and that was me, hooked on baseball, I’d never felt such excitement. Unfortunately the lack of coverage and school commitments meant that i didn’t get to see much baseball but university and many many late nights have resurrected my love affair and it will never die again.

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog.