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Centre sorted, bring on the new season

Welcome Mr Kotsay, and a hearty welcome it is. Another great bit of buisness from the Braves higher powers and I now believe that our team is sorted for the new season.

Of course there’s the question of whether Mark can stay healthy through the 2008 season but after getting a clean bill of health from the Braves doc’s I’m quite confident of that. There’s also Shafer and Anderson fighting for the place and a bit of competition in spring training is never going to be a bad thing.

So with Glavine in the rotation, Infante backing up the infielders, Kotsay commanding centre and a hitting lineup that’ll scare any team I think 2008 is going to be a strong year for the Braves.

Not that i’m biased 🙂


Happy New Year

To all Baseball nuts out there, here’s hoping for another fantastic season like 07.

A heart felt welcome back to Mr Tom Glavine, here to boulster our rotation and send us back to the playoffs (we hope), joking aside he is a fantastic acquisition and i’m sure he still has what it takes to cut it with the big boys.

I know everyone at the moment is focusing on the Mitchell Report and I, like many other baseball fans, were shocked to see some of the names connected to performance enhancing drugs. I would like to state my view on the whole affair, innocent until proven guilty, people would sell their own grandma to make themselves infamous these days so i’m going to sit on the fence. It was nice to see that no current roster Braves were named, i think i would probably have a heart attack if the likes of Chipper or Smoltzy’s name came up.

On the ever discussed centre field issue I would like to see Anderson or Shafer given the job, as far as i’m aware both are pretty good on the base paths and I think that was something we were laking last year. Whether they can handle Major League pitching will remain to be seen but all the best to the both of them, young talent is what keeps the game going.

Also a welcome back to Javy Lopez and a welcome to Omar Infante, even with Javy missing a year you can’t deny his great power bat and coming off the bench with it will be more than handy. Omar has proven himself as a very versatile utilty man and he will provide much needed cover for any slumps/injuries in 2008.

Till next time, i’m away to play in the freezing scottish snow 🙂 roll on april!